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Complete solutions for our customers

With 20 years of experience, Geolink offers you a wide range of services in the field of topography, geodesy and urban planning.


1. High precision topographic measurements;

2. Planimetric and altimetric detail topographic surveys;

3. Plans in the execution of civil, industrial construction projects and other investment objectives in infrastructure and municipal (roads: roads, railways, water supply, gas, sewerage, etc.);

4. Tracking the horizontal and vertical movements of existing buildings;

5. Determining-calculating the volumes of materials from aggregate warehouses, gravel pits, mining quarries, etc;

6. Preparation of transversal profiles, longitudinal works specific to urban networks-roads, railways;

7. Dimensioned location plans, contour lines;

8. Specialized technical services and consultancy for site works;

9. Cadastral technical documentation for: 

  • real estate registration in public registers, dismantle/merge of real estate, splitting a real estate in apartments, removal from the agricultural use, change of use category, identification of cadastral/topographic numbers, urban/extra-urban real estate plots;
  • strip ground plans;
  • specialized technical consultancy.
  1. General Urban Plan [P.U.G.];
  2. Zonal Urban Plan [P.U.Z.];
  3. Detailed Urban Plan [P.U.D.];
  4. Spatial Planning Plan [P.A.T.];
  5. Design of road infrastructures (roads, bridges, railways);
  6. Design of urban facilities (water supply, sewerage);
  7. Construction thermal rehabilitation projects;
  8. Construction projects, restoration, construction consolidation, monuments;

The design of roads and highways within GEOLINK SRL is done through the continuous efforts and professionalism of several work teams:

– design of roads and highways;

– design of embankment/infrastructure consolidations;

– technical estimates;

– site technical assistance

The projects are created through an integrated process, which is based on several state-of-the-art software applications, the coordination and control of the design phases being ensured by a high level management.

Particular attention is also paid to working closely with local authorities and the institutions involved in obtaining the necessary approvals, which is another important element in providing our design services.

  1. Geodetic compaction networks, support networks;
  2. Geodetic leveling networks;
  3. Determination of points by high precision GPS methods.

Analysis, design, creation, implementation, operation, maintenance of GIS associated relational databases. The analysis or knowledge of processes, relationships, activities is done according to their properties and involves the use of specific computer tools:

– attribute and spatial data structures;

– relationships specific to conventional databases;

– spatial relations;

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is the term computer, which refers to a set of software, hardware, mobile equipment and human resources involved in data management and analysis, updating and using them.