Growth and Social Beliefs


Growth and Social Belief

Having a belief, a set of principles is a fundamental thing in any person’s life, but also an important component of any business.

At Geolink we have created a set of development principles that make up our social belief and guide our daily work, both within our work team and in our relationship with business partners.

Working environment
A relaxed work environment stimulates creativity, desire to work and loyalty to the team you belong to. “The pleasure of work brings its perfection. (Aristotel)”

Conservation of architectural heritage
Because without a past there is no future, Geolink appreciates that Timișoara, a city with an impressive fund of historical buildings, deserves and shall take care of the preservation of the architectural heritage.

As our headquarters is located in the area of historical monuments, the period 2021 – 2022 brought an extremely important project for us: the rehabilitation of the historic building in which we work. Built in the beginning of the 20th century, the building in which we carry out our activity was subjected to a process of rehabilitation and conservation of the original architectural elements, which brought back the historical beauty of the architectural ensemble.

``One cannot make architecture without studying the condition of life in the city``

Aldo Rossi – Italian architect

Local communities

We also believe in the well-being of local communities. For this reason we have been involved and will continue to be involved in projects that facilitate the interconnectivity of local communities.

Local producers

Encouraging local producers of materials and services is a key element of Geolink’s business. Whether it’s construction works or the materials needed for such projects, Geolink tries to create business connections with many companies and suppliers active in the areas where we operate. This not only helps the budget of our projects, but also encourages the local economy.

Sustainable car fleet

The impact that cars have on the environment is far from negligible, so we created a fleet of cars equipped with Euro 6.


From paper to rubber, any waste that comes from our company and can be reused is recycled. We have even created a recycling routine that involves transporting, by us, directly, any recyclable material to recycling centers.